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Category Archives: Reviews

They serve divine, smokey pulled pork. The cole slaw is excellent. We will try some of the other dishes next weekend. Katy & Bill

My wife and I recently moved to the area and were looking for a great BBQ place. We visited a few but nothing really outstanding. A friend told us about this place and boy are we glad we went to check it out. Nice people … realy great food and cheap. Thank you guys for taking such love in the food you make .. it shows! -Rick Borrego

Thank you so much for your supplying us with a delicious feast for my grandson’s high school graduation! We ordered based only on the reviews, and we were more than pleased–all the guests at his home raved about everything! As we left town my husband said, “It will be good to drive there and grab some barbecue and sides when we come back to visit.” Everything was wonderful! Thank you, Mr. Garrett:). Carol

Submitted on 2013/05/28 at 12:14 am

I brought 4 slabs of ribs for my Memorial Day cook out, I had 30 people, and the ribs completely disappeared. Everyone kept asking me where did I get the ribs from and I told them; from McCoys on Rt 3. I suspect that you will be having more customers coming to buy your ribs and more. They were absolutely delicious; meaty, tender, a nice smoke flavor, and the BBQ Sauce was from heaven. You guys can cook a Rib! Thank you McCoys for making my cook out a big hit. – Lamont


Submitted on 2013/05/26 at 11:10 pm

I wanted to take a moment and praise the staff at McCoys BBQ. They are very professional. Most importantly the food is FANTASTIC. Every other weekend I stop and pick up 1/2 slab on BBQ Ribs. Can I say DELICIOUS If you want quality service and excellent food this is the place to be. Akilah


Submitted on 2013/05/17 at 2:13 pm

From WherestheBBQ Blog (www, – I don’t know about you, but when I think smoked BBQ I don’t think of sitting down at some restaurant and looking through pages of a menu. I think of standing in line while being covered in hickory smoke as the sweet smell of pulled pork and ribs float through the air. That is BBQ, not some cute little strip mall joint where waiters are scurrying about and cutsie junk hang on the concrete walls.

If you want the real experience of good BBQ and are within driving distance of Fredericksburg, Va you have to make a stop along Plank Road. 5101 Plank road is the parking space for a great real roadside BBQ smoker owned and operated by Edward McCory. While you are eating your McCory’s BBQ sandwich, read the entire review at the link above – tinamarie thacker


Submitted on 2013/04/21 at 8:44 pm

I can not believe how delicious this rack of ribs are!!! sooo good jus fell right off the bone!!! The smoked mac n’ cheese so good!! Def. going back. thank you! – tinamarie thacker


I was on Rt 3 one Saturday going home from work and i got the drift of smoke coming from Mcoys cookers going. I had to make a uturn and go back as it smelled so good. I love good barbecue and i told myself ive got to try it. That was the best uturn i believe i had ever done. I ordered a barbeque sandwich with baked beans and coleslaw and it was the best i have ever had around the area.The food had a great flavor and eveything was great . I have been going there on most all of the weekends and i told my neighbor about this place and the great barbeque they served. He asked if i could stop to get him a rack of ribs on one Sunday and i did. I also got me a barbeque sandwich and beans and coleslaw and asked to try the ribs for the first time. The ribs melted in my mouth as did the barbeque too. I bought home the ribs for my neighbor as he enjoyed ever one of them as they were the best hes had. Keep up the good barbque cooking as we need a barbeque place in town like yours.


McCoy’s has the best ribs in VA hands down. I drove from Lanham, MD to Rt.3 for ribs and pulled pork. I don’t even like cole slaw, but McCoys cole slaw was the first time I fell in love with the taste of cole slaw. I don’t know how they do it , but McCoy’s BBQ is doing it RIGHT! I strongly suggest anyone looking for good BBQ to check out McCoys and see what everyone is talking about.


I work on saturdays in the five mile fork area where mcCoys setsup each weekend. we all make sure we eat at Mccoys on saturdays. The BEST bbq pork, ribs, and sides hands down, ever in my life!!!! The smoked mac and cheese is amazing. the slaw if fresh and cold.. the meat is smokey, juicey and the best ever. great people who have bbq figured out. I hope one day they can have a restaurant, but if not I will always find where mcCoys BBQ is setup. Just follow the smokey smell at five mile fork!!! GET THE PULLED PORK!!! Just go there. thanks guys and girl!!


I have been going to McCoy’s every weekend for 2 seasons. Basically ever since I discovered them. I live within a mile and I’m a fanatic. The Ribs are the best I have ever had. I love Ribs too. I have eaten at all the places around here and none even come close. I feel bad mentioning a 5 Star establishment like McCoy’s in the same comment.
You get a much meatier,flavorful portion. “Slab” is definitely what they are! Rack doesn’t properly describe them. The sauce is phenomenal. I am very picky too. I refuse to eat in 90% of resteraunts would rather cook ny own. That’s why I go once a week, I haven’t found anyplace that is anywhere as good.
The Beef Briscuit which is served on Sundays melts in your nouth. I thought that was just some saying until I had McCoy Briscuit. It MELTS in your mouth. A tender burst of flavor.
The beans are my favorite side. They tend to rotate between 2 recipes. I prfer the thicker sauce myself. The less thick is good,better than Bush’s with a blend of onions and peppers. I love to mix some rib meat or brisciut in.
I’m so hooked on the rib and briscuit I rarely venture into trying something new. Only because I’m restricted to weekend dining, maybe one day a resteraunt will be opened. But only if the quality remains lol. I have tried the chicken which was juicy. The pulled pork beats Almans which at one point was Fredericksburg BBQ place. McCoys would easily take the title if they were a resteraunt. As far as I am concerned they ARE the place for BBQ in Fred. Just have to wait until the weekend.
In conclusion, Go try McCoys. Then do yourself, friends, and family a favor and tell them about McCoys. Maybe we’ll see a resteraunt someday. I live next door I show up early to place my order before they run out. Probably run into you since I literally go once or twice a weekend. It is That Good! – Speedy 7/1/12


I was living at Lake of the Woods for a year, helping out my elderly parents. Every weekend I would pass by McCoys and the wonderful smell of the bbq would waft into the car. My brother came down from up North to also help my parents and one day he and I were in the car and he asked if we should pull aside into McCoys…we decided to split a slab of ribs.

OMG…we had mutually decided that these were by far the best ribs we had ever tasted. We indulged several more times last summer before I moved back to Richmond.

I’ve been telling all my friends in Richmond that McCoys was worth the one hour drive to get the ribs….today I took the drive to a slab. I told them today I would leave a comment on their web site today. Here it is. If you mention this comment to them they will give you….no discount…lol, but it will at least let them know the comments here enticed you to try out their food. I haven’t been able to get past the ribs yet to try the chicken or pulled pork, but I can tell you that they have people coming and going CONSTANTLY and everyone raves about all the foods they’re selling. You’d never imagine that some folks selling bbq on the side of the road could be so popular and so incredibly tasty!

You guys are great. Now you just have to get to YELP – Dave S 6/3/12

We have been eating McCoy’s bbq since they opened on route 3. Their food is great-no comparison locally. Our daughter graduated this year and we used them for her party and it was far beyond our expectations. Everyone there raved about the food and it was the hit of the party. Simply- the food was incredible. Ribs, chicken, pulled pork…. all of it and the sides were awesome! They cooked the food on site and the smell of the wood and smoked bbq was wonderful. Ed and his staff are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone for any event – Mike 6/2/12


Best pull pork ever…Timmy 5/26/12

OMG! I must say the barbeque with cole slaw was phenomenal!! My husband and I have been passing by for a few years now. But last week we decided to finally stop, and boy were we pleasantly surprised. Tried the beef brisket and I must say it melted like butter in my was very tender and flavorful. McCoy gave us a free sample of the ribs! Without hesitation we took home the whole slab! Great food and great people! highly recommended. – Zoya 5/18/12

This was easily the best pulled pork BBQ sandwich I have ever had. We are so lucky we stopped in the parking lot to check it out. I can’t wait to try to the smoked mac and cheese next time — if they don’t run out. – J 5/5/12

I have brought my family here on several occasions and I must say that this is the Best BBQ around. Famous who? We should change the name from Dave’s to McCoy’s. Absolutely every food item is delicious. This is bbq done right, with the smoke flavor that you can actually taste, unlike other places that claim that their foods are smoked. I have to agree with the other reviewer that mentioned an addiction to the food, I can go for some right now just thinking about it. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys the delicious taste of smoked bbq, you’ll have to see for yourself. – Andre 4/28/12

Everyone thought the food was great and had a good time at the party. Appreciate all of your help. Will definitely tell everyone about you guys. Thanks Nikki

Your food had everyone here talking and eating and eating more. My mom is from New Orleans and they cook down there but she talked about your food so much that she took some back to New York so two of her friends could taste it. I didnt have one person here that wasnt satisfied with either the ribs or the chicken or both. I couldnt have ask for better food for his retirement party. The food was good the cake the drinks everything was perfect. Thank you so much and I will be bringing my neighbor by her and her husband was just amazed, and she is a great cook but not like this. Thanks again and no problem on the gift. Thanks Karen

I went to your bbq stand for the first time last Saturday with my mom and daughter and had gotten a pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw and I loved it! I came back late that night and got a pound of pulled pork for dinner. I guess what I’m trying to say is im addicted to your bbq and wish you were open all week because I am dying for a sandwich now and I’m pregnant so I have cravings!!! I’ve told all my friends here at work that I love it and have passed out your cards! Thank you for your service J I’ll be back next week after I get paid J


Thank you so much for getting my bulk order of pulled pork ready as well as the large amount of coleslaw. Everything was delicious and we didn’t have very much of the pulled pork left. Maybe 2 lbs. left. All the rest was gone! Everyone thought it was great and we didn’t have any of your flyers but made sure to tell everyone where you are located. And that was very thoughtful of you to give a graduation card for my son! We will definitely be back!


Hi my husband and I tried your bbq for the first time Sunday May 23,2010 and it was great. Well we are having a party July 20 for about 50 people. I would just need the meat, like ribs, pulled pork and chicken. I need to know how much this would be so I can try to work this out. Thanks

Everything went great! Everyone loved the barbecue and ribs and were asking where we got it. You should be getting alot more business! Thank you for everything you did. J